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Dr. Julia Diakakis

Dr.Julia Diakakis, a highly respected and decorated educator and businesswoman, boasts an impressive career spanning over 35 years. Born into a military family in Bremerhaven, Germany, Dr. Diakakis was raised throughout Europe providing her a diverse upbringing which laid the foundation for a versatile professional journey.

A proud graduate of Ohio University, she holds a B.S. in Education with a minor in English. Her certifications span various subjects including English, Math, History, Social Science, Earth Space Science, and Elementary Education with endorsements in Reading and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Her passion for education led her to different roles in educational institutions ranging from elementary to high school levels, earning her recognition as one of Florida’s most esteemed educators. Furthering her passion for education, she has served on dissertation committees as the content expert for doctoral students.

Parallel to her educational career, Dr. Diakakis has been maintaining an IT business since 1994 and served the Brevard School Board as an IT Specialist for seven years. This combination of education and technology expertise uniquely positions her at the intersection of these two critical fields.

Dr. Diakakis further expanded her skill set by obtaining a master’s degree in educational administration, leading to her principal certification and an administrative role for about 15 years. She didn’t stop there; her boundless passion for education, business, and information technology propelled her to pursue a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Development.

A member of prestigious societies such as Alpha Chi Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, and National Society of School Administrators, Dr. Diakakis has made significant contributions to developing computer lab programs for Brevard Public Schools in Florida. She also pioneered the first fully operational Discourse Study Computer classroom in Florida. Her extensive work with numerous private companies throughout her career testifies to her business acumen.

Co-Author of multiple IT related books such the one published in amazon “Unleashing the Power of IT Managed Services: Your Comprehensive Guide

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Where we come from?

Founded in 1994, BrevardHost.net, a branch of Alpha-Omega Computers, Inc. (AOCI), initially embarked on its journey as a sole proprietorship dedicated to crafting custom high-end computers. Over the years, AOCI expanded its services to encompass surveillance system installations, software programming, and network systems. Officially incorporated in 1999, our company evolved to include web design, development, and hosting services, focusing on empowering small businesses to establish an online presence.

With nearly three decades of experience, AOCI has become a global web hosting provider, boasting a diverse portfolio of custom websites created for businesses across various sectors, including government contracts and international jewelry markets. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our pristine reputation among long-standing customers, underpinned by our meticulous attention to detail, swift response times, and a proven track record of propelling small businesses forward.

BrevardHost.net emerged from Alpha-Omega Computers Inc. with a clear mission: to cater to the unique needs of businesses in Brevard County, Florida, and its neighboring regions. We recognize that local businesses are increasingly looking to expand their reach not only locally but also statewide, nationally, and sometimes even on an international scale. Our observation of a significant gap in the quality of service provided by local hosting and design providers, often due to a lack of expertise or resources in business analytics, propelled us to take action.

Leveraging our extensive experience and deep knowledge in technology and business strategy, we decided to focus our efforts on supporting the small businesses of Brevard County. Our goal was to offer them superior program management and strategic direction for their online presence. This endeavor has not only enabled local businesses to thrive but has also imbued our team with a profound sense of fulfillment and community contribution. At BrevardHost.net, we’re more than a service provider; we’re a partner in your business’s success, committed to enhancing your web presence and helping you achieve your goals.

Web Solutions we put in place

  1. Backflow Management system
  2. CRM invoice and Billing system
  3. Backup Pro (Backup software application)
  4. Search Pro (Hidden files system and optimized search engine for on indexed files)
  5. Yellow Pages CRM and Billing system (additional modules, sales, finance, graphics, and work orders)
  6. Custom report writer for MS SQL
  7. Web KB management System (Based on WordPress)
  8. PC/USB Data File Sync
  9. Inventory Management (compiled in C)
  10. Fleet Management (Compiled in C)
  11. SQL query system (Custom application to simplify SQL queries)
  12. Many multimedia training and educational CD ROM
  13. MSSQL documenter (documents automatically SQL data structures and schema
  14. Document management for local government entities
  15. Projects Management Module for custom CRM systems
  16. Online document management for local government
  17. Many websites (WordPress, Joomala, Photoshop)
  18. Active Server Pages (Mini apps and integrations)
  19. Accounting systems
  20. Custom Integrations with WordPress and other various CRM Systems

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