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Managed web hosting and VPS.  Guaranteeing maximum security, reliability, and maintenance.

Small businesses no longer need to concern themselves with security, patches, firewall configurations, and more when they opt for managed hosting. Hosting one or multiple websites is now achievable with ease due to the simple SPAM protection, antivirus defense, malware prevention, systems monitoring, and maintenance that comes included with managed hosting.

The Typical Model

The typical model is for a business owner to hire a web hosting company to host their website. This is usually for a website that was developed by another agency, or by a developer but the business wishes to host on their site.

There are a few issues with this model that in most cases are counterproductive and end up costing more. There are three types of hosting. Shared, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and Dedicated. Shared hosting is where multiple sites live, and the configuration of the server is limited due to other sites that will be affected by custom configurations. The VPS hosting is far more flexible as it is treated as a standalone server and custom configurations are possible, although performance and uptime can still be affected by the host server once the system is installed. The third option is really for better control of resources and hardware.

Most small businesses that hire a company for their hosting do not look into the details of what is included or at times the details are not clear. One of the many issues is that the management of those servers is up to you for the particular site or sites. Keeping up with the server security in a shared environment is almost impossible since more often access is restricted.

On the other hand, the VPS will give you access to the server, but you will have to be knowledgeable to manage SSL certificates, user accounts, FTP/SFT analytics, security patches, firewalls, activity logs, and other similar functions. For most businesses, this is a counterproductive model as often the in-house expertise is lacking, and the budget to deal with issues as they arise can be costly.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a type of web hosting where the service provider is responsible for the setup, administration, management, and support of the server(s) and associated software, as well as the technical aspects of operating a server. This leaves the client free to focus on their business instead of dealing with the daily operations of the server.

The primary benefit of managed hosting is that it saves businesses time and resources that would otherwise be spent on server management tasks. These tasks could include server monitoring, software updates, firewall protection, backups, and more.

With managed hosting, these responsibilities fall onto the hosting provider, which typically has dedicated teams of experts who handle these tasks around the clock. This not only ensures the smooth running of the servers but also provides businesses with peace of mind knowing that their websites are in good hands.

In addition to the above, managed hosting providers often offer additional services and features such as DDoS protection, intrusion detection, and performance tuning, among others. These services can greatly enhance the security and performance of a website or application.

Managed VPS For Hosting

With managed VPS for hosting all aspects of your hosting environment are taken care. Management of SSL certificates, server user logins  FTP/SFTP, or any other service that is compatible. Managed resources such as server memory and hard drive space, and in most cases,  an (SSD) will be used to improve performance and reliability. Monitoring server activity and bandwidth usage as well as make risk assessments and management based on proprietary technologies and methodologies. The VPS is configured to improve performance, enhance security, and improve reliability. When things go wrong the account manager will be there to assist any situation to a quick and accurate resolution.

Managed Dedicated Server

Managed hosting takes on a different approach as we manage every aspect and type of your hosting environment regardless of Shared, VPS, or Dedicated server. We manage performance and monitor memory CPU usage among other things. The SPAM, antivirus scans, and malware scans run regularly with premium products, and should something go wrong we assist to get things back in order. Managed backups and other server resources such as traffic, disk activity, mail activity, and intrusion are monitored and managed as needed on a daily basis. You can rest assured that your managed hosting environment will not break as a result of negligence or lack of effort.

Managed web hosting and VPS, and dedicated servers are watched 24/7 from every aspect of operations to ensure proper functions, stability, and security. Small businesses do not have to worry about having an in-house expert to manage the daily operations and we are available to make changes, updates, and custom configurations as needed. If there is a need for a new SSL, we will install it. If there is a need for new email accounts, we will create them. Managed Hosting provides the freedom to do what you do best!

Why BrevardHost.net?

BrevardHost.net is an ideal managed web hosting provider for a number of reasons. Firstly, a comprehensive range of services is offered including fully managed servers which encompass hosting, maintenance, and support. This means clients can focus on their core business operations while BrevardHost.net takes care of all server-related tasks.

BrevardHost.net assures high-quality managed website services, as stated by the CEO. Other services are also offered or included such as web structuring, development, and design which can greatly enhance the performance and user experience of a website.

In terms of security and reliability, BrevardHost.net guarantees maximum levels in their managed hosting services, making it ideal for small businesses who may lack the resources to manage these aspects themselves.

Furthermore, BrevardHost.net shows commitment to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by the flexibility they offer in upgrading or downgrading services at any time.

Overall, with its wide range of services, strong commitment to quality, and focus on customer needs, BrevardHost.net stands out as an ideal choice for managed web hosting.

  • Account manager
  • Project management
  • Domain name management
  • SSL Certificate
  • Server backups
  • Server monitoring (Alerts)
  • Premium server libraries
  • Platform updates & patches
  • Server firewall
  • Server maintenance
  • User management
  • Notifications
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service)
  • Activity Logs
  • Analytics
  • Antivirus/Malware Scans
  • Caching
  • Server monitoring (Performance)
  • Multi-factor password authentication
  • Control panel
  • SSH
  • E-mail
  • Reports
Managed Web Hosting and VPS

Managed Hosting,& Managed Servers

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